This is my amazing friend Britt Schwartz’s blog page. She and I met when I became one of her diaper testers for Nelly’s Nappies. I fell in love with her diapers and just as quickly her! I now consider her one of my dearest friends. We have a lot in common and she has a great deal of wonderful information to share. I have pinned a few of her ideas on Follow her page and let her know “Her Biggest Fan” sent you.


My daughter has started her own blog now. She is documenting her lessons learned from trying new recipes. Many found on pinterest. I am so proud of her. 🙂 Check her out and let her know that I sent you!


My fellow BFPC with an even crunchier mind then mine! She breastfeeds, (all the kids in the neighborhood, just kidding), baby wears, cloth diapers and bed shares. She is very open-minded to all ideas, but speaks her mind. Go here with an open mind to learn something new. 🙂


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  1. The problem, which even as a mother of 3, bothers me, is how do you dedicate enough time for all 3. Let alone 5. My kids always are jealous of each other, Your Mums favourite etc. and I always have to remind them, how can any of you be my favourite? And they always agree on this factor!

    • I think since I have spread them out it helps. The older ones like to help and play with the little one. They have never expressed to me any jealousy. Dad plays video games with the little ones. I take the older teens shopping. And they all like their independence. But when they need either one of us we are there for them.

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