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Day 4 & 5 Flats and Handwashing Challenge


Well I have officially had to stop the challenge after last nights washing fail. I came home and had another event I had to be at and I only had 30 minutes between getting home, getting stuff put together, redress and fix my hair and wash diapers. I tried washing in the tub and stomping the diapers, but the 2 poopy diapers and covers was just too much for me to get done. I knew I was going to be home late that night and knew I wasn’t going to have time to rewash them. I went ahead and hung them in the bathroom, but when I got home that night, they were definitely smelly. I only had 2 more flats clean and it just wasn’t going to happen.

I did learn a lot from this challenge. I also know that if I already was using flats or just starting out with flats or I was just transitioning from disposable and flats, it might  have worked. Also if I had more flats I wouldn’t have had to wash everyday. I also needed a better option for overnights, additional inserts to help hold all the extra pee my little one did this week. I will be considering using flats for a camping trip we might be planning for later this year.

I am glad  I tried to do this and I don’t feel I totally failed, I learned some things and know I can support moms that might have to do this all the time.

Good luck to the rest of you and know you only have one more day!!

Happy Fluff



Day 3 Flats and Hand washing Challenge


I’ve learned a few things this week.

1. I really don’t mind hand washing diapers if I need to.
2. Long gloves are really needed!!
3. Double lined wet bags are kinda a pain to dry out. As well as cloth covers with PUL liners.
4. Thirsties Duo Wraps still totally rock!!!
5. I’m pretty sure children know when you’ve started the diaper wash and will immediately poop in their diaper!!

Today’s pictures show how I’m wringing as much water out of the flats and covers.




I also thought I should post my washing routine.
I will first try to remove as much poop and dump in the toilet as I can. I then rinse the rest of the poop off in cold water. I then fill up my sink with cold water and unfold and submerge all the diapers. I swish and squeeze the flats until they are fully soaked. I then unplug and continue the swishing and squeezing until the water is clearer.

I turn on the hot water, plug the sink again and add my detergent. I’ve used a sample of BG detergent I got from our local GCDC. I just finished the sample packet today. I really don’t need that much detergent with just four flats and a couple covers.

I continue the swishing and squeezing for a bit. I then unplug the sink and start the warm water rinsing. This time I rinse and squeeze each one until the water runs clean. I do them together and individually as well.

I lay out a towel and roll then up in it to remove as much water as I can before hang drying them in the bathroom. I wish it was dryer out here. It’s been rainy and cold so no sunning for us so far.

After a full day at work and after making dinner this really hasn’t been to bad. I’m fortunate that Gavin only goes through 4 or so diapers a day. I truly feel I can do this on a weekend trip somewhere.

Keep watching for the rest of the weeks posts.

Happy flat fluff

Day 2 Flats and hand washing challenge


Well I have now hand washed seven flat diapers and five covers.
I washed three last night and four tonight. Not too bad.

I’ve been washing in my sink in the bathroom while giving the toddler his bath. My biggest issue is keeping my plug in my sink. Lol. I have a rubber stopper since the actual sink plug broke.

The wringing them dry is a little annoying. And of course it rained tonight so line drying in the tub and laundry room is all I can do.



I didn’t even ask my baby sitter if she would do the flat diapers, I just showed up Monday and showed her my system. She said her daughter uses flats. Makes sense as her daughter lives in Alaska, use less energy and all.

Of course Gavin waited to poop until I got home, so I plopped him in the tub and started washing in the sink.

Only day two, so I’ll keep you posted the rest of the week.

Happy fluff!

If you’re needing diapers please contact one of the many diaper banks around the country. Locally in Springfield MO Cover Your Bum Cloth Diaper Bank and Nationally Rebecca’s Closet Foundation, Giving Diapers Giving Hope or Share the Love from Cottonbabies.

Day 1 Flats and hand washing challenge.


Yikes! What did I just sign up for?! Hand washing diapers?! Am I crazy?

I guess so. I’m going to try this with the help of my daughter. I’m totally not prepared but I’m up for the challenge.
Gavin is now 2 1/2 years old. I use BG pocket diapers normally. And I love my prefolds and covers. But this is something very new to me.

I have 10 flats and numerous thirsties duo wrap covers. It’s not the washing that concerns me, but the time it will take. I am pad folding and just place it on the covers.

Today we are going to my in laws for the Mother’s Day and a birthday celebration. So I packed all the diapers prepadded and ready to go.


Since Gavin is older the number of diapers he uses a day is about 4-6. So I should be able to wash each day and dry in the bathroom. Fingers crossed that we last the week

I’ll try to post each day. So send clean thoughts my way!