Day 4 & 5 Flats and Handwashing Challenge


Well I have officially had to stop the challenge after last nights washing fail. I came home and had another event I had to be at and I only had 30 minutes between getting home, getting stuff put together, redress and fix my hair and wash diapers. I tried washing in the tub and stomping the diapers, but the 2 poopy diapers and covers was just too much for me to get done. I knew I was going to be home late that night and knew I wasn’t going to have time to rewash them. I went ahead and hung them in the bathroom, but when I got home that night, they were definitely smelly. I only had 2 more flats clean and it just wasn’t going to happen.

I did learn a lot from this challenge. I also know that if I already was using flats or just starting out with flats or I was just transitioning from disposable and flats, it might  have worked. Also if I had more flats I wouldn’t have had to wash everyday. I also needed a better option for overnights, additional inserts to help hold all the extra pee my little one did this week. I will be considering using flats for a camping trip we might be planning for later this year.

I am glad  I tried to do this and I don’t feel I totally failed, I learned some things and know I can support moms that might have to do this all the time.

Good luck to the rest of you and know you only have one more day!!

Happy Fluff



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