Day 3 Flats and Hand washing Challenge


I’ve learned a few things this week.

1. I really don’t mind hand washing diapers if I need to.
2. Long gloves are really needed!!
3. Double lined wet bags are kinda a pain to dry out. As well as cloth covers with PUL liners.
4. Thirsties Duo Wraps still totally rock!!!
5. I’m pretty sure children know when you’ve started the diaper wash and will immediately poop in their diaper!!

Today’s pictures show how I’m wringing as much water out of the flats and covers.




I also thought I should post my washing routine.
I will first try to remove as much poop and dump in the toilet as I can. I then rinse the rest of the poop off in cold water. I then fill up my sink with cold water and unfold and submerge all the diapers. I swish and squeeze the flats until they are fully soaked. I then unplug and continue the swishing and squeezing until the water is clearer.

I turn on the hot water, plug the sink again and add my detergent. I’ve used a sample of BG detergent I got from our local GCDC. I just finished the sample packet today. I really don’t need that much detergent with just four flats and a couple covers.

I continue the swishing and squeezing for a bit. I then unplug the sink and start the warm water rinsing. This time I rinse and squeeze each one until the water runs clean. I do them together and individually as well.

I lay out a towel and roll then up in it to remove as much water as I can before hang drying them in the bathroom. I wish it was dryer out here. It’s been rainy and cold so no sunning for us so far.

After a full day at work and after making dinner this really hasn’t been to bad. I’m fortunate that Gavin only goes through 4 or so diapers a day. I truly feel I can do this on a weekend trip somewhere.

Keep watching for the rest of the weeks posts.

Happy flat fluff


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