Day 2 Flats and hand washing challenge


Well I have now hand washed seven flat diapers and five covers.
I washed three last night and four tonight. Not too bad.

I’ve been washing in my sink in the bathroom while giving the toddler his bath. My biggest issue is keeping my plug in my sink. Lol. I have a rubber stopper since the actual sink plug broke.

The wringing them dry is a little annoying. And of course it rained tonight so line drying in the tub and laundry room is all I can do.



I didn’t even ask my baby sitter if she would do the flat diapers, I just showed up Monday and showed her my system. She said her daughter uses flats. Makes sense as her daughter lives in Alaska, use less energy and all.

Of course Gavin waited to poop until I got home, so I plopped him in the tub and started washing in the sink.

Only day two, so I’ll keep you posted the rest of the week.

Happy fluff!

If you’re needing diapers please contact one of the many diaper banks around the country. Locally in Springfield MO Cover Your Bum Cloth Diaper Bank and Nationally Rebecca’s Closet Foundation, Giving Diapers Giving Hope or Share the Love from Cottonbabies.


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