Day 1 Flats and hand washing challenge.


Yikes! What did I just sign up for?! Hand washing diapers?! Am I crazy?

I guess so. I’m going to try this with the help of my daughter. I’m totally not prepared but I’m up for the challenge.
Gavin is now 2 1/2 years old. I use BG pocket diapers normally. And I love my prefolds and covers. But this is something very new to me.

I have 10 flats and numerous thirsties duo wrap covers. It’s not the washing that concerns me, but the time it will take. I am pad folding and just place it on the covers.

Today we are going to my in laws for the Mother’s Day and a birthday celebration. So I packed all the diapers prepadded and ready to go.


Since Gavin is older the number of diapers he uses a day is about 4-6. So I should be able to wash each day and dry in the bathroom. Fingers crossed that we last the week

I’ll try to post each day. So send clean thoughts my way!


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