It’s Probably the Hydro Talking


Well I’m awake at 12am after my surgery. Let me update you of my day.

Got to the center at 11am as instructed and was check in and ready to go by 11:30, then we got to wait and wait and wait. It was after 1pm before they finally took me back to the OR. I think my hunger pains hurt more by that point. And the Dr was still a no go on the fat removal. Lol

Actually laying on the table being strapped down was the weirdest feeling. I’ve never had a Csec, but I’m guessing that is what it kinda felt like. Of course they didn’t hold up my stones to show me after, in fact they didn’t even offer to let me keep them. Kinda disappointed about that. 😦

Waking in recovery was nauseatingly! And well painful. But I was glad it was over. After an hour I was moved back to my “room” for post op prep. The nurse was very nice to me and made me as comfortable as possible.

As I was getting my discharge instructions the funniest part was her telling me to not be ladylike and burp that CO2 at as much as possible. I’ve been dealing w that and my teen daughter laughed at me tonite about it. I told, it has to be done. Now the hubs says he’s using the excuse for now on. Lol

Getting up and down has been hard and my throat is sore from the tube, but maybe it’s the Hydro talking, but I’m already able to get up and move around w/o help. Peed more times then I ever remembered. But at least I can do that alone. Whew!

I’m sure this insomnia will wear off soon, but thought I’d update here.

Here’s to no more stomach pain! *lifting imaginary wine glass*
~ Kelly


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