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It’s Probably the Hydro Talking


Well I’m awake at 12am after my surgery. Let me update you of my day.

Got to the center at 11am as instructed and was check in and ready to go by 11:30, then we got to wait and wait and wait. It was after 1pm before they finally took me back to the OR. I think my hunger pains hurt more by that point. And the Dr was still a no go on the fat removal. Lol

Actually laying on the table being strapped down was the weirdest feeling. I’ve never had a Csec, but I’m guessing that is what it kinda felt like. Of course they didn’t hold up my stones to show me after, in fact they didn’t even offer to let me keep them. Kinda disappointed about that. 😦

Waking in recovery was nauseatingly! And well painful. But I was glad it was over. After an hour I was moved back to my “room” for post op prep. The nurse was very nice to me and made me as comfortable as possible.

As I was getting my discharge instructions the funniest part was her telling me to not be ladylike and burp that CO2 at as much as possible. I’ve been dealing w that and my teen daughter laughed at me tonite about it. I told, it has to be done. Now the hubs says he’s using the excuse for now on. Lol

Getting up and down has been hard and my throat is sore from the tube, but maybe it’s the Hydro talking, but I’m already able to get up and move around w/o help. Peed more times then I ever remembered. But at least I can do that alone. Whew!

I’m sure this insomnia will wear off soon, but thought I’d update here.

Here’s to no more stomach pain! *lifting imaginary wine glass*
~ Kelly


Springfield MO GCDC!


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Congratulations it’s Gall Stones


Well I’ve been dealing with stomach pain for years now. It’s been getting progressively worse these last couple years. I finally had enough and went to see my doctor about it. I hate going to the dr, not necessarily because of what may or may not happen, but because even though we have insurance I’m making constant payments to them for everything! I hate it!
Well the dr had two possibilities of my problem, ulcers flaring up or gall stones. Sent me for blood work and ultrasound.
I went to the us, let me tell u not nearly as fun as the baby ones. No trophy picture to share with family and friends. See my sweet lil, gall stones? Aren’t they so cute? We haven’t decided on names yet! Lol
I met with the surgeon today and he confirmed the best plan of action to get the best relief was to remove my gallbladder. I sighed and admitted defeat. Ok I’ll have it removed, but I better fell awesome after all is said and done! While ur in there, why don’t u suck some of that baby fat I’m still holding on to? I mean really? I’m under, ur there let’s make the best of it, right? Pretty sure that’s a no go, but here’s hoping he does it anyway! *fingers crossed*
My only concern was that I’m still breastfeeding my monster a few times a day and what did he feel about that? I told him I knew the meds and anesthesia could be modified. He said ok and was willing to prescribe whatever pain meds I preferred. So no talk of pumping and dumping there. I blew my cover by admitting I’m an IBCLC, but I wasn’t in the mood to argue what I already knew was fine. At least he wasn’t taken aback or misinformed, or he felt that battle wasn’t happening and he could tell I knew my shit! (Excuse the French. Lol)
All in all, not bad news, just not something I wanted to have happen, but if I feel better afterwards I’ll be happy!
Thanks for listening, well reading. More updates on Cover Your Bum coming soon, until then check out our new website! Cover Your Bum