Lactivist? Why Yes I am! Breastfeeding Nazi? Hell NO!


LACTIVIST is defined as a Lactation Activist.

Ok I have always stayed away from that term. I always had felt it was a negative term, Lactivist. It made me think of excentric La Leche League leaders from the 70’s. Dancing and chanting under the moon wearing long flowing shirts and judging anyone that would even consider formula or bottles.

Now I realize that women need help with breastfeeding. I know, Duh! I have been working in the lactation field since Oct 2006 and I have felt the sting of failed lactation, so I know how many feel. Women need people to stand up for them! I bring to action all that is necessary to help them breastfeed successfully! An activist! So a Lactation Activist was born or a Lactivist.

Now many have called anyone that supports breastfeeding or dispenses breastfeeding education a Breastfeeding Nazi. I HATE that term! I gets me all the way down to my core as bad as Crying it Out (I will not go on about that here, that’s another blog post all together)! The nazis were a terrible force! They mutilated and tortured innocent Jews or anyone viewed to support them. They murdered millions of humans and I refuse to ever be compared to them!! I do not force my opinion on anyone, well you choose to read this so that is different.

I am NOT a Nazi! I am a supporter of women and baby’s rights to breastfeed, anywhere, any place, any time they want or need to for how ever long they choose to! No one has a right to tell you when it is time to wean or stop breastfeeding except your baby! Infants will wean at their own pace anywhere between 12-36 months and some times longer. If you think any different, please stop reading this right now and unfollow my blog!

I will fight for our society to see that breastfeeding is NORMAL!! Yes I agree it is best, but to hold a person to feel bad because they couldn’t or don’t breastfeed is not my place. I want it to be NORMAL to see a woman breastfeeding in a mall, at a restaurant, walking down the street, talking to our politicians or anyone! I want to see breastfeeding statues, stamps, portraits, photos everywhere! I want to dissolve the “booby traps” that is our society!

Women were given the best gift of all, the ability to grow a baby inside and out with just their body. So when people think breastfeeding is anything but a beautiful act between mom and her child they are just uneducated and sad.

Lactivist? Why, yes I am! Join me in supporting and helping moms and babies to breastfeed! Lactivate with me!



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  1. Loved this! I totally agree with you on normalizing breastfeeding. I know a lot of women breastfeed in the area I live (metro Atlanta, GA) but I have only seen a woman nurse *maybe* three times in the 15 years I’ve lived here!!! I am more comfortable to do it in public now with this being my third child (he’s 16 months and still going strong with b/f’ing), but when I was starting with my first child I was terrified of nursing where someone might SEE us! Why? Because it isn’t normal, just like you said. It’s natural and it’s beautiful and society claims it’s “best” but we have to HIDE it? Come on. 😦

    I’m a Lactivist too! I have a breastfeeding page with info, resources, and encouragement, if you’re interested: 😀

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