Blessed are We!


Hi all! Hope this finds you healthy and happy.

This past month has been a very busy one for Cover Your Bum cloth diaper bank. I am excited to announce we are currently helping six families. We have trained our distribution site on how to give out the diapers so I no longer have to have a traveling diaper bank in the back of my SUV, meeting moms in parking lots.


We were interviewed by a local news station about modern cloth diapers and after it aired we were inundated with new fans on Facebook and emails asking for more information about not just cloth diapers but also about our diaper bank!

It truly was a great past few weeks.

I have of course been crazy busy with the diaper bank, work and of course kids. We are currently moving to a new house! Yay and yikes at the same time. Moving 7 people and 2 dogs after living in one place for the past 7 years is daunting! I am at the point if I haven’t seen or used it in the past 7 years, I really don’t think it will make the move.

I have been thinking long and hard about going back to school this next fall. I am so confused, is 2013 the year I get off my butt and get it done or I just setting myself up for failure? I am happy with my job and enjoy what I do, but I do feel as if I have hit a wall. Going up isn’t a bad thing, but it does require leaving the comforts of sedition behind. Grrr, guess I will be deliberating that over the next few months.

Little man is growing like a weed and so are his siblings respectively. Hard to believe he was only four months old last year at this time. He has grown into his personality and is letting us know he has his own ideas on what he should be allowed to do. 🙂 Gates are no longer his friend and the crib is headed for its lowest setting and I am not sure if that will keep him in!

photo 045



So very blessed we are! I just wanted to wish all a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year. I hope it brings your family good health and happiness.

~ Kelly


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