It’s been a month! I’m sorry


Oh my goodness! It’s been a month since I posted! I have been so distracted. I love writing here, but I haven’t been able to get to my computer lately. So I’m posting from my phone. Not a bad thing but typing with my thumbs is not the easiest thing. Needless to say I’m just checking in with all of u.

I have been busy with the kiddos, work and getting things going with the diaper bank.

We had a great women’s expo and received enough in donations and selling bracelets to order 11 cases of econobums from Cottonbabies. We also helped our first family this month. As soon as we get the econobums we will be able to finally get things going. I plan to meet with a news woman and talking about it with her as well. We have received requests to help with volunteering as well. It’s moving right along.

Kids are doing well at school. All got their first report cards and the reports are good! Gearing up for all of the senior year stuff is a lot to deal with but he’s excited as well. On a school ski trip this week with only a minor fall.

I promise to post a longer post soon! Thanks for following me.


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