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So I am sure you all have noticed I have not been very busy on here lately. I feel bad to be neglecting the blog. I really haven’t been that busy, I just have been distracted. I guess I could update you on my life lately.


Work of course has kept my busy, but that is nothing new really. I have been training two new peer counselors and I have been so grateful of their wonderful desire to learn and do as much as they can. In fact I think I have only cleaned 2 breast pumps since they both started in early August. Mama Mo (this is what she calls herself! so funny) and my friend Heather are a great addition to our breastfeeding staff and I couldn’t be happier to have them on our team (Boob squad)! We had an amazing World Breastfeeding Week celebration and put on a wonderful physician/nurse conference. Dr Nancy Wight was a great asset to our community of breastfeeding support and really made the local hospitals become more accountable for why neither one of them are Baby Friendly!

We are going to our state WIC conference in late October and I am looking forward to that 3 day event. I will be taking my little man as I do not want to stress him or daddy out at night. And I am pretty sure I would have withdrawals myself! Thanks to my wonderful Mom in Law as she is willing to watch her during the day. They live close to where the conference is so it will be easy and fun for all involved.


The kids have started back to school and so far are managing well. The oldest is a Senior and my daughter is a Freshman. They both go to the same high school, and yes I know people that have kids going to different high schools. Of course my daughter and her bff still find a way to ride to and from school together even though her brother drives to school everyday. We have set up the senior pictures, I know so late huh? He took the school pictures for the yearbook and the rest are for mom! He is going to be taking his ACT’s soon and is active in many clubs and work as well. I am proud of his hard work.

My daughter has started joining many clubs and new program at the school that prepares them for college and they are able to earn college credit. She is starting to look for volunteer places and will be doing that soon. She has also started her own blog. I am very proud of her.

The little boys are doing well. Even though J & J have now had the same teachers since the littlest J started school, it is working in our favor so far. All the teachers are learning that they are two completely different beasts! 🙂 Big J wants to play basketball this winter so that will be a new challenge of getting him to and from those events. Little J just likes playing video games and for the most part as long as they are apart from each other all is pleasant in our family.

Baby boy is now one and no longer trying to walk, but RUNNING everywhere! He loves playing outside and his brothers take turns playing with him out there, most days! He has developed the stubborn personality that is our family. He is still the monkey of the house and the little King of everything. We have installed gates preventing him to get into certain rooms in the house and he has expressed his dislike of that!!!

He is breaking his one year molar teeth and that is not fun for mom or baby! He is up all night and not a happy camper about them at all. We have two through and working on the other two. 😦 Hope it is over soon.

Diaper Bank

This is moving along, but we are still working on the funding. We have gotten approval for our wholesale account with Cottonbabies so this means we can get the Econobums at the wholesale price to share with our clients. We have two events we are having a booth at to promote our diaper bank. The first one is for child care providers. We are hoping to educate them on how easy it is to use cloth diapers. We are also going to a women in business event at the end of the month. We are also going to be selling bracelets as a fund raiser. We are looking to add donation cans to local stores, but we might have to wait until the first of the year as many places are starting their winter food bank donations. I am hoping to do a cloth diaper drive in the coming months, but I know that is going to be a huge undertaking and I am putting that off some for after the new year. We did have a a donation of a logo for our bank. What do you think? We love how it has the diaper pin!

And me?

Well I am thinking I will need to take some classes this spring. I need to retake one class and add another so I can apply for nursing school. I know it needs to happen to advance in my career, but I am really not looking forward to it. I am not really wanting to be a nurse at say a hospital or something, I just want to be able to work at an office or hospital as an IBCLC. I have worked hard for that title and I want to continue to help moms and babies. I would love to open a Lactation center that helps all moms and not be affiliated with just one or the other hospital. I have a few people that are also interested in starting one, they do include a few NP’s and a couple Dr’s in the area. I am hoping this is something that can be started withing the next year. And of course cloth diapers!!!

I have also been working on eating healthier and exercising more. So please help me with support and encouragement there! Hoping to lose some baby fat that is just not wanting to come off and I am pretty sure the breastfeeding diet has run its course! 🙂

Well there is my little update. I would love to know what topics you would like me to blog on. Tell me some suggestions and I will work on them. Thanks for following me!

~ Kelly


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