Diapers, Diapers and More Diapers


You can guess what this post is about. ūüôā Yes Diapers, diapers and more diapers. As you have read my friend and I have started a cloth diaper bank called Cover Your Bum cloth diaper bank. We went to a diaper bank event for the first diaper bank in our area! We are so excited about starting this and little did we know it would be happening so soon. We have many families that are interested in our bank and many more wanting to help out. I had a client call me today and asked if she could donate some of her pocket diapers to our diaper bank, since she has decided that she wants to use prefolds and covers with her newest baby due in January. I was so happy to know that so many moms out there are interested in helping other moms out. I have learned that the cloth diaper family is large and always willing to add to it!

Diapers, Diapers and More Diapers

We have been so fortunate to have a wonderful company that has donated diapers to our bank and is willing to sell us more at a wholesale cost. Thanks to Glow Bug Cloth Diapers! Sarah and Neta have been a wonderful asset to our diaper bank and are excited to announce that they are also forming a diaper bank in their area! They have been asked to join together with a Canadian organization called Cloth for a Cause and are now running the local chapter. It is amazing how fast things are taking off for both parties involved! Go ladies!

This was waiting on my couch when I got home the day of our diaper drive! I was so excited to display Glow Bug amazing diapers I forgot to open it before I left the house! Two whole packages! 24 diapers, 48 inserts and 2 wet bags! This can easily help at least 1-2 families depending on their diapering need! Thank you again ladies! When I displayed the diapers at the diaper drive all the ladies at the event were so excited to see what a modern cloth diaper consists of! They all kept asking me what I put over it to prevent leaks and I had to keep telling them, “Your looking at it! The PUL that is used now is so much better than the plastic pants of the old days!” I had so many wanting to buy them for¬†their¬†grand-babies. I was¬†happy¬†to¬†refer¬†them to Glow Bug, but told them these were for the bank. I am hoping that the excitement that they had also went to their pocket books and made donations to the diaper bank!

I have also been in contact with Cottonbabies of St. Louis MO to see if we can purchase their Econobum packages at the wholesale price to add them to our diaper bank. We are wanting to offer both types of diapers to our clients. I talked with the wholesale division and was told that this was a little different then what they normally do for wholesale. Normally it is for just retail purchases and brick and mortar stores as well. After I explained about our diaper bank and that we are not looking to sell the diapers, but to offer them as an option for our clients in need, I was informed that they are having a big board meeting in the near future and they will let us know if they are able to help. Even if they are not, the Econobum packages are such a great deal, 12 prefolds, 3 covers and a wet bag for $49 that we are still going to purchase them and take advantage of any sales that they might have later this year!

It’s all coming together!

It won’t be long before Lisa and I are prepping the prefolds and pockets, making the loan packages and teaching the Care of Cloth classes to volunteers and families. We have so many families that are waiting so patiently for our diaper bank to kick off! If you are interested in helping our cloth diaper bank, please contact us at coveryourbumdiapers@gmail.com or find us on Facebook at Cover Your Bum Cloth Diaper bank. We are happy to take donations of diapers, offering your company diapers at a wholesale price or financial support.

Thanks again for all your support of our wonderful bank!

Happy cloth!



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  1. So proud of you Kelly. You are on a mission! Cograts on your success so far. God is watching over you so you can take care of all his children.

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