Glow Bug diaper review


I got a new diaper in the mail for our Cover Your Bum diaper bank and I decided that I was going to do my first diaper review. Ok wait, my second diaper review, Nelly’s Nappies was my first.

Glow Bug Diapers

I guess I should give you a little background on this diaper. My best friend and I have decided to start a cloth diaper bank in our area for local low-income families with our local food bank as a host site. We decided to offer mostly cotton prefolds and covers (Econbum), but as working moms ourselves we know that there is a need for pocket ro AIO (all in one) style diapers for day care facilities. I found a company that was offering 12 pocket diapers with 24 inserts and a wet bag for $150! Glow Bug Cloth Diapers is a company that was developed by two friends that love cloth diapering but wanted to create a perfect diaper. I contacted them and wanted to know what I could do to become a wholesaler. I thought if the retail price was $150 surely I could get a reduced cost for our diaper bank, since we were not selling them, but using them for our bank.

Neta and Sarah were more than excited to help us. They offered to set aside diapers to donate and also willing to the kits to us for a great reduced price! So excited about that! They also wanted to know what we were doing to get it started as they were interested in starting a diaper bank in their area. I was so happy to hear this! It makes me happy when moms want to help other moms! Sarah offered to send us each a diaper to try, so we knew what we were offering to our families.

Insert new diaper here!

Wow! I was really impressed. I had already gone on their site and learned about the diapers. Watched their information video and discovered they loved all the same things I loved about cloth diapers. PUL, soft inner liner, fast absorbency of micro fibers and Hello!, double gussets for those EBF (exclusive breastfeed) poops.

FIrst I opened the package with as much anticipation as any fluff mail loving mom would! RIPPED open the top! I was stoked! They were just like I read, but even better. I had forgotten that they had double openings that made for easier stuffing of the inserts. (Honestly my least favorite part of diaper laundry) Super soft inner for the baby’s bottom and the microfiber inserts we amazingly soft I couldn’t believe it! Also the inserts included a snap if you need to keep them in better. I have a heavy wetter, so the double inserts stay in place well without the snap, but if your concerned the snap keeps them well in place. Just remember to unsnap before the wash so they avergrate out.

I had to wait a whole 2 days before I could use them, why is it whenever I get a new diaper, I have just finished the diaper wash? Ugh! I washed them with the next wash and got them ready to use. I have to admit I didn’t put it on Gavin right away because I wanted to be the one to use them. If Mike changed him, I wouldn’t get two words out of him what he thought of them.

I placed my squirmy 10 month down for his diaper change. I got it on him quick and it fit him well. I used the largest rise and second row out to close him in. He let me mess with him a little bit, but was done with that quick! I loved the designs on the diaper. I love prints! This is one of the best parts about cloth, the cute patterns. He doesn’t need shorts most of the time!

As the evening progressed it was time to get ready for bed. I peaked and he had not surprised me with a poopy diaper yet so I got him ready for bed. I felt along the top of the inside of the diaper for wetness, (honestly how I test the cotton prefolds for wetness) and nada! He felt dry. Well he had been in that diaper for a good 3 hours and I was no dummy! He is a super soaker! So I took off the diaper and checked for more wetness. The inner liner was dry. I thought well maybe he hadn’t peed? I check the inserts and volia! he had peed and they were very absorbent! And they didn’t stink!

Ok I love the diapers! I am considering buying the Glow Bug Boy package. They are really cute prints and wonderful absorbancy! (don’t worry, Britt I still love my Nelly’s Nappies and will never replace them!)

I have an addiction and I know it!

I have a love for all cloth diapers and I am willing to try many more. If you know of anyone that is looking for testers please send them to me! I am willing to try many different types of diapers and share my experiences with you!

Happy blogging!



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