The girls are out of control!


When did this happen?

I have no clothes that fit!!! I have lost a great deal of weight breastfeeding, woo hoo! Right? Ugh! Yes, but I am in the inbetween of sizes. Not down to what I would like to be and of course way too small for my regular clothes. I know that this would be a good place to be, but not always

Nursing Tank for Bathing Suit

My bathing suit top is way too small for the girls!!! I have grown to sizes beyound my control! I have a hard time finding a bathing suit top to wear. I guess people with large breasts are only Plus sizes! I hoped on my trusty computer and did a google search for suits to fit my 40F! I have no idea who they are kidding! Those suits are not going to fit me! First off they are plus sizes and I do not fit in those! (thank goodness!) But do they really think I would want a strap around my neck for extend periods of time holding up what I can only guess is 5-10 lbs of breast weight? Halter tops are not for the big breasted, or at least not soaking wet!So to no avail, I have to continue to wear the suit I got 2 summers ago.

Boating anyone?

 The famliy decided that we were going to rent a boat and enjoy some summer sun and fun. I went to put on the suit and pouted. I cannot wear this in public! I am falling out of all sides and of course it is a halter top as well! I look around my room and ponder what I can use insteead. Nursing bra with a tank top? Can you say white trash? I then spot my Bravado bra nursing tank top. Hmmm. Well the bra fits and the boy will still want to nurse while we are out. It is black and my suit bottoms are hot pink so that can match. I put it on and ask Mike if it looked stupid. Smart man that he is stated, of coure not and if I was comfortable that was all that matters! Whew! It works!

So here it is, me and my little man (teenager behind us!) enjoying the sun and boat in my Bravado Nursing Tank top! (I got my on sale off another site, but I might consider getting another color just for the summer use!) I think I pulled it off pretty well. 🙂

Now to find a good nursing bra!



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  1. I am SO doing that this weekend. I have a nursing tank from Target and some shorty shorts I can use. Thanks for the idea!

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