Don’t judge me, I just gave the baby Mac and cheese and he loved it!


It’s that time of the day again. Dinner time. What to make? What to make? I have hundreds of recipes pinned on pinterest, but tonight I wasn’t feeling any of it. And well I got home to discover Gavin didn’t take a good afternoon nap. He snuggled up on my lap, had his nummies and fell asleep. I didn’t want to move, not because I couldn’t put him down, but because I didn’t want to. He looks so angelic when he sleeps and I love holding him.

Mom, we’re hungry!

So rang my older kids. I guess we need to figure something out. The oldest had already left to be with his friends. The girl was leaving to have dinner and overnight with my “second daughter”. The hubs is at a training and won’t be home till later. Jacob suggested Mac and cheese with hot dogs. (This post is getting worse by the minute. Lol) After looking at the sleeping baby, the disappearing teens, and the hungry boys I gave in. Okay we will make that. (insert mom of the year award picture here!)

Jacob filled the pot and put it on the stove. Water started boiling. Guess now is as good as anytime for a little cooking lesson. So from my throne (rocker/recliner) I instructed him to pour in the noodles. He stirred until he said “My arm is tired!” Oops u can stop, Buddy. He tested the noodles and said they were soft. I instructed him to get a drainer in the sink and VERY carefully pour the noodles in it to drain. He turned off the stove and followed my directions well! Adding the noodles back to the pot. In the mean time Justin got out two turkey hot dogs and put them in the microwave to heat.

Jacob added the butter and sauce then we discovered we were out of milk! I thought about the baby’s milk, but went with evaporated milk instead. I didn’t go there, relax! He got the hot dogs cut up and finished our gourmet dinner! Haha!

The baby woke

Justin scooped up his dinner. Jacob dished out his and mine and we enjoyed it. 🙂 As I was eating Gavin woke up and say me eating. Opened his mouth wide like the little bird he is and demanded his bite. Now I’m not stupid, I didn’t give him the hot dogs. He only has two bottom teeth people! Gave him a few noodles and he ate it with his usual “mmmmmm” sound he makes. Using his two teeth and upper gums gobbled it up and demanded more. So, yes I just gave the baby Mac and cheese and he loved it!



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