“Did you do the second wash on the diapers?”


“Did you do the second wash on the diapers?”

This an every other day question in our family. Diaper wash. Never thought I would be asking my husband or kids that. I guess I should explain more.

We have five kids, ages 17 yrs to 10 months. We did not cloth diaper with our older four. I thought about it for the youngest, but I didn’t think I was cut out for it. I was a SAHM mom, but the thought of washing diapers seemed overwhelming. As it does to anyone that has never clothed.

After deciding to have another Evans baby I thought about it again. My family has become more conscious of the environment in the recent years and have started being a whole lot more “Crunchy” as I call us. I suggested it to Mike and he made the comment that he didn’t know about it and maybe we could use the diapers that biodegrade instead. I looked into them and found them to be not too much more than a package of Huggies, so I thought, Okay. I put them on my baby registry and never thought about it again.

My best friend had her baby a year before I did and this was her first and she decided to cloth. She got all the prefolds, covers and pockets that goes with it. She loves them and offered me her smaller diapers to try while I was on maternity leave. I planned to take 8 weeks off and I thought I could keep up on the laundry enough while I was on leave.

Well little man, who wasn’t so little mind you!, was born and I came home and started with the disposable diapers I had received as gifts. I had posted on Facebook about a week after he was born, that if anyone wanted my Huggies for Pampers I would be happy to swap as he had leaked through three outfits in one day!!! Lisa made a comment on my post, “Why aren’t you using the cloth??” Honestly I had sort of forgotten and was still scared. She had given me and my fellow prego friend lessons while we were both pregnant on how to do it and how to wash etc. I wasn’t sure.

Well I gave in and I FELL IN LOVE WITH THEM!!!! I mean really! How could a diaper be this cool? My friend had loaned me the newborn prefolds and infant prefolds from Green Mountain and some Thirsties covers. Gavin never fit into the newborn diapers!! I mean come on he was 9 lbs and 7 oz. By his 5 day appointment he was already 9 lbs 9 oz. So when I started a week later he had to be well over 10 lbs. Whew!

Britt, here is where you come in

Well since I decided to cloth I have found a new addiction, Baby Steals and Baby Half Off. Did you know they have deals daily and twice daily for Baby Steals? Holy crap! This was dangerous. Needless to say Mike now watches for PayPal transactions on the account like a hawk! Lol. But I got some cool diapers and then I found online. My friend down the street saw I was cloth diapering and wanted to get me a baby gift. Her sister-in-law had just opened a cloth diaper store in SW Florida and asked what I would like. I got giddy! An actual store! So Cool!

I bookmarked her web site and kept “window shopping”, this is putting things in the shopping cart and coming back later. Bippy Diapers posted on her Facebook page a WAHM was looking for testers for her pocket diapers. I was all over that! I needed pocket diapers for my baby sitter and I thought Mike would like the pocket diapers better, turns out later NOPE! He loves the prefolds. So I contacted the owner of Nelly’s Nappies and it was on! I only had to pay for the material and shipping and wait my turn. I was so excited! My very own first personal made diaper!

Well I LOVED them as well! I have many Nelly’s Nappies and even though she is no longer in business, we have developed a wonderful friendship and text each other daily! Hugs, Britt!

Back to the laundry

So back to the laundry part. I had to convince Mike this was the right thing for us. While on maternity leave I learned some facts about disposable diapers. All the crap that is in them, how long to takes for them to break down (500 years they think! This means that not a single disposable diaper has broken down since their inception!)

So I shared this with Mike. He had told me he was going to use the disposable when he was home with Gavin. (Daddy is home with him on his days off and Gavin goes to an amazing baby sitter on other days and she uses my cloth!) Well I told him about the disposable diapers never breaking down and well we didn’t have any in the house. I had sold or given away all the ones I got as gifts.

Okay then, guess we are officially cloth diapering! I showed him how to do it to make sure the breast milk poop didnt’ get out, where to put them until wash time, and how to wash them because at the time we only had 24 prefolds so we did laundry everyday.

I have to admit I had it good! My best friend loaned me all her diapers till the most recent size, and we have spent only about $100 or so on diapers so far.  Mike brags to his friends how Gavin has never had a rash and how it really isn’t so hard. Now he does admit diaper wash isn’t all that fun, but all it he has to do is dump the pail and liner into the wash and get them started. We have discovered what works best for us is once cold wash and then one hot wash with detergent, line dry the covers and sometimes sun the prefolds, otherwise rest in the dryer. I often add clothes and towels in the second wash just to keep up with the rest of the laundry.

It’s time for the poop

Now that Gavin is now eating solid foods on a regular basis, poopy diapers are a new adventure. We mainly do the dump or swish. Okay, I do the swish, but even Kylee will dump if it is solid enough. I approached Mike about a diaper sprayer thinking this was the end of the cloth and he asked how much or how to? We decided we will install our own, but still haven’t gotten the parts yet. I am thinking this will be happening very soon.

Family Support

I am so proud of Mike and the kids. We have kept the smell to a minimum and even my parents and his parents are supportive of it. My sister-in-law thought we would only do it for a little while, but now asks me about them. My niece who is pregnant with the first great grand baby on my husband’s side is asking me about them. I might have “crunched” my in-laws!

We wash our diapers every other day at home and have a small trash can in the downstairs bathroom for diapers. We use wet bags when we go out and about and even for travel we cloth. I have not convinced the family that cloth wipes are worth it, but I am okay with that. (I know Megan, I would love them!)

I am proud to say we cloth and I find myself looking at other babies to see if that mom cloths. My best friend and I are starting a cloth diaper bank in our area very soon and we hope someday to open our own cloth diaper store. There are not any locally and we know there is a need for one! More on that in another post! 🙂

Happy cloth!




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  1. and I used cloth because disposables were very expensive and not very good. You never had a diaper rash. And yes the disposables are still not disolved. since 1976!

  2. A cloth diaper store locally would revolutionize this place! Think of how happy our landfill would be! Way to go! I clothed both mine about 75% of the time and I don’t regret a moment of it. I am glad you have more support than I did back then.

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