Is it Friday yet?


How many times have you found yourself asking this question? Why is Friday really any better than any other day of the week? I mean it is still a work day. I still have to get up and get out the door on time. I still am at work and everything, but for some reason this day is just so much better. My husband jokes and calls Fridays, “the adult version of Christmas!”

Is it Friday or Christmas?

I work full time and so does my husband. He works  nights as a police officer so his Fridays vary week to week. But oh the magic of a Friday! It’s the last day of the work week. I often save a certian outfit for Fridays. It’s like if I make it easier to get ready in the moring for my Friday the whole day feels better. I often will not pack a lunch on Fridays and go out with friends on our lunch hour. (El Maguey anyone?) It is such a special day. We talk about anything and everything and we enjoy each other without kiddos or husbands. I often think my husband is a bit jealous of this fact. The day moves in a different way. Don’t get me wrong, issues do come up and problems to happen, but because it is Friday we can get through it. So I guess you could call it Christmas!!! We still have things to do on Christmas, opening of presents, cleaning up, making the meals, but for some reason it’s all better because it is Christmas. I guess that is why I love Fridays! It’s Christmas every week for me!!

“All the nipples are falling off!”

No for some reason my clients do not always get the same message about Fridays. 😦 We have a joke amoung the breastfeeding staff at my office “It’s Friday at 4:30, all the nipples are falling off!!!” Now really people the nipples are not falling off, but as soon as you say that things are going well, you just basically said “All the nipples are falling off!” Please don’t test my theory. I am sure some one will complain, but it’s our way of dealing with the day! I am so lucky and thankful for my amazing Boob Squad girls to help out our breastfeeding moms! You guys know who you are! It is a good team that works well and don’t mess with us!

Is is Friday yet?

So for that very fact, Is it Friday yet? What makes your Friday work? Lunch with friends? Easy wardrobe? Nipples not falling off? Enjoy your day!


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  1. Oh, no nipples falling off in my house today.
    And I know what you mean about Fridays – but now Matt works six days a week and Friday has lost it’s luster and even though you would think Saturday would be our new Friday, it’s not.
    Nothing can beat a good Friday.

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