My days


A day in the life of a working mom will never be the same. Every mom is different but here is my daily schedule.

6:15 my alarm goes off, but I’ve been awake since at least 5:30, nursing the baby. I get up and start the day. Shower and get him and his brothers moving. The teenagers are on their own. The set their own alarms and get ready for the day themselves. Thank goodness! Downstairs to make breakfast for them and me. Luckily the baby will eat later at the baby sitter. If daddy is off, I’m good for the morning, but otherwise it’s dropping kids off at school and day care. Hopefully I’m at work by 8. Most days I am, but often I push my luck and can run 5-10 mins late. I am so lucky to have a very understanding boss, who runs late too!

I work an 8 hour day helping moms and babies breastfeed. I will have to pump two or three times to make sure I’ve got enough milk for the baby. Once again so glad I have a great boss that lets me pump whenever I need to.

I get off at five. But don’t get me wrong I have gotten no less than 10-20 text messages from the kids. “mom, can u get this? Mom I need this… The boys r fighting…” or from my husband (who works nights so he can go pick up the baby around 3 so he gets to spend time with daddy) “what do u want for dinner? Can u pick up…?”

As soon as I walk in the door I am greeted by my very excited lil man! The baby is always so happy to see his mama and get his “nummies”. That’s what I call nursing to him. Not sure why, but he responds to it. All to often I am blessed to have my wonderful husband already cooking dinner. After we eat it’s usually time for lil man to have solids. He’s nine months old now and loves to eat everything. Mostly baby food (which we buy, I don’t have the energy to make it) but more recently he likes what we are eating and will enjoy that.

After dinner we all have settled into our evening routines. Homework, diaper laundry (we cloth), and cleaning up the dishes. My daughter and one of the boys will do the dishes after much debate about whose turn it is. Then we will sit and watch TV together or a movie. When there is nothing good on, the teenagers and I will start a new season of Friends as a great stand by. We all can quote that show from heart! I love that my kids like to spend time with us and I think they think we are ok (pretty cool? Probably not)

After all are in bed it’s a night nummy for the baby and at least 2-3 more snacks through the night. Then the next day starts again.

Love my family!


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