Wow what can I say about this topic? Well teenagers are a whole different breed of people. They are funny and adventurous. They are head strong and sponges. And I have two of them!

I love my teenagers and don’t get me wrong I could not imagine my life without them, but there are times they really push my buttons.

My oldest Tanner is 17 and looking at what he wants to do with his life. He loves art and drawing and wants to do something with that. Unfortunately there are not many careers out there that he can use that in. He wants to go to the Art Institute of Kansas City or Chicago. Both really good schools, but WOW they are expensive! Like really expensive!! $15,000 a semester! We have stressed to him that he will NOT be getting student loans to go to college. He doesn’t want to by like us and in our 30’s paying on a loan for way too long! He has decided to get into an Army or Navy program to help pay for college and get a Graphic Design degree. Let’s hope he continues to follow that path and it will help him find a good job that he will love and not be stuck in a dead end job with a ton of student loan debt!

Kylee will be a Freshman this year and I am really worried that this will be the year of the boys!!! So far she hasn’t been too interested in them, has had a few boyfriends, but nothing that either her dad or I had to worry about. You know just the middle school “puppy love”. Now high school is a different thing. Her and Tanner will be at the same high school, but Tanner isn’t really the overprotective type of kid. That might change when they are in the same school again. This is the first time since Tanner was in 5th grade and Kylee was in 2nd.

Kylee wants to be an OBGYN when she grows up and already has plans to join the Army Reserves or something like it to help her pay for college. She is such a kind and loving person I think she would be a wonderful midwife or nurse practitioner. She loves babies and does so well with her baby brother. She is often like his little mom.

So far so good with her on the career paths, but holy moly she can be a girl!!! She can be very dramatic when she doesn’t get her way and oh boy she has her dad wrapped around her little finger. When I say No, she often gets it from dad. I let her go to the mall with her best friend (who I affectionately call my second daughter), with the instructions that we have no extra money to spend and what does her dad do? Go to the ATM and get her $20 so she can buy a dress for her 8th grade graduation that she will probably only wear that one time! *rolling my eyes*

Tanner comes to me and wants really wants to talk to me. We spend many a time talking about weird and funny things. I am brutally honest with him and we can joke about many things. I feel he feels comfortable to come to me and talk about anything. Kylee is always there to help me with her brothers, clean the house and fix my hair. She helps me with my shopping clothes and food. She wouldn’t let me leave the house looking like a dork and really enjoys doing things with me.

I am truly blessed to have these two kids in my life. They bring many things to the table, laughter and tears alike, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.


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