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Put a Cover Over Your Head


Ok so in case you didn’t know I work as a breastfeeding peer counselor and lactation consultant for a local WIC agency. Breastfeeding is not only my heart and soul, but my bread and butter as well! I take it very seriously and am very passionate about it! I support breastfeeding moms everywhere! No matter what you think or how you feel about it, breastfeeding saves the economy millions of dollars annually!

Soap Box

I will now get on my soap box! Watch out, you might not like or agree with me on many of these things, but that is what makes the world go round!

I feel that breast milk is the NORMAL form of nutrition for a baby. Babies were born to breastfeed. It is a natural process, but often a learned process for mom and baby. Women have been doing for CENTURIES or mankind would have died out a long time ago! Jesus was breastfed people! The only two people in the world that weren’t able to be breastfed were Adam and Eve, but I am pretty sure God took care of that! So to say that it is gross or disgusting or wrong for baby to breastfeed just gets into my crawl and I will tell you!

I understand in this day and age women are influenced by many a “booby trap“. (Please click on the link and it explains the many booby traps women face on a daily basis here especially in America.)

I have many friends that have breastfed and many that have chosen not to and even many more that have tried unsuccessfully due to many different reasons. My choosing to breastfeed my child and to do it in public whenever he is hungry is not to make you feel guilty because of your certain circumstance why breastfeeding didn’t work for you. And I know if you ask any of my friends that couldn’t or didn’t breastfeed you will hopefully hear a resounding response that I fully support their decision on how they fed their child.

If you don’t like it you can cover your head

God gave you eyes and a brain and the ability to move your neck. If you don’t like what I am doing…LOOK AWAY! I am in no way going to put a cover over my kid’s head to feed. I will in no way feed him in the bathroom. I will in no way make him wait longer because you might feel uncomfortable knowing my baby is eating at the dinner table…on my boob!! It’s food people! It’s very important food! Now I do try to be as discrete as possible when breastfeeding. I’m not stupid, but a 10 month old is very curious about the world around him and if you come talk to me or run by or just make a noise on the other side of the room, he will turn to see what is going on! I am sorry! I try my best to not flash you, but things happen.

If any of this offends you, well you read the title! Cover your head or look away. I am not trying to make a statement. I am trying to feed my baby. Get over yourself!

Formula is not the devil, Formula companies are!

I work at a WIC office and I help many moms with breastfeeding. I have had to help a mom feed her baby that would not latch and she was unable to express milk, pump or hand, and formula was fed to the baby! It happens! (See booby traps though) Formula has its place and is needed for some moms. I understand the fact a baby has to eat and if we don’t have breast milk, formula is a safer alternative. (Now my crunchy friends need to let this one go! I work with a very impoverished community and we have to do what is best at that time for baby!)

I do understand that formula plays a very important part in our society, but I am sorry breastfeeding is the NORM and formula is the abnorm. It is called formula because it used to take a “formula” to make to feed the baby. Now here enters the evil formula company. Please if you are getting upset with me, now is the time to stop reading. I am very adamant that formula companies are very predatory and detrimental to breastfeeding in not only this country, but the world!

The formula companies found a way to make formula easier to mix and packaged it in a nice little container that says, “Just like Mother’s milk”. Here is where I call BULLSHIT!!! (my blog, my words!) Formula is made up of 40ish ingredients that are the same very time baby eats, whether baby needs it at that time or not. Breast milk changes all the time to meet an infants needs. It has 100,000 components to it! So many so that they are unable to identify all of them! Scientists can’t even tell you all that makes up breast milk. Because it is specific to the mom and baby at that time of their life. The milk that a mom makes in the first days is different from the milk she makes in the last days of breastfeeding. The milk she makes in the morning is different from the milk she makes in the evening. The milk she makes at the beginning of a feed is different that at the end of a feed. So never is it the same very time. Can the formula companies do this? Well of course not. I know this and so do they. That is why every other day, ok maybe a bit exaggerate, they find something new to add to say now has XYZ just like breast milk.

Ok on a spectrum here is something to think about.

Or this,

Or even this.

Truth in advertising would be nice right?

Breast milk and formula are different, just admit it formula company! Like I said I have no problem with formula, it is necessary and helps many babies and moms. But when I don’t ask for your “help” I don’t need it!

Do not send me home with a “free” bag of samples of your formula “just in case” you need it. Don’t send me “free” samples in the mail 2 weeks after delivery knowing that my baby is probably going through his first growth spurt and I might be questioning my ability to provide for my baby. He is hungry again and I just fed him one hour ago so I must not have enough for him so I will give him this “free” sample of formula that they so nicely sent me, even though I didn’t ask for it or better yet need it! My baby is hungry because he is growing and I just need to feed him more often until my body catches back up with him. But every time you send me more “free” samples I give it to baby and then he no longer wants to go to the breast because I didn’t let my baby tell my body to make more milk and I no longer have any to give him. He won’t latch because you made me under mind my ability to provide for my baby with the “just in case” sample. These samples are not FREE, they cost you dearly!! They make you question your supply and can very quickly make you really have a supply issue instead of the perceived one you had earlier. Breast milk is made on Supply and Demand.

The more my baby Demands it from my body the more my body will Supply it for him! By not offering the breast and using the bottle, whether breast milk or formula, the order wasn’t given to the brain to make more! So stop giving me the “free” or “just in case” samples, you are not helping. Don’t send those “free” samples to third world countries that have compromised water supplies and the only thing that is keeping those babies alive is the breast milk from their mothers! Giving those moms just enough “free” samples to tank their supply and have to buy your “free” formula. NESTLE!!!!


I feel that Nestle is one of the worst when it comes to predatory formula companies. Just do a google search on Bad nestle or anything like it and you will find tons of information on why this company is bad for babies!

Step Down

Ok it is time for me to step down and get off the soap box. I warned you before you started reading and I gave you plenty of chances to stop reading. I have strong feelings about breastfeeding and support moms where they are at! (Meeting a mom where she is at, is a common message taught in my line of work) If this had upset or offended you at any point I cannot say I am sorry. These are my thoughts and how I feel. Remember this is what makes the world go round. I choose to not purchase Nestle products and I go out of my way to avoid as many as I can. (the list is redonkuless!!! In case you were wondering)

If you are still reading, thank you for listening! Thanks for being the open-minded friend or follower that you are. Now go out and help a breastfeeding mom! Smile at the mom nursing her little one on the park bench. recognize the mom with the baby under a blanket as doing what is right for her and her child. High five the woman who just whips it out and feeds her baby! It is not about her right to breastfeed, it is about her child’s right to eat! Get out there and make a difference!

~ Kelly


The girls are out of control!


When did this happen?

I have no clothes that fit!!! I have lost a great deal of weight breastfeeding, woo hoo! Right? Ugh! Yes, but I am in the inbetween of sizes. Not down to what I would like to be and of course way too small for my regular clothes. I know that this would be a good place to be, but not always

Nursing Tank for Bathing Suit

My bathing suit top is way too small for the girls!!! I have grown to sizes beyound my control! I have a hard time finding a bathing suit top to wear. I guess people with large breasts are only Plus sizes! I hoped on my trusty computer and did a google search for suits to fit my 40F! I have no idea who they are kidding! Those suits are not going to fit me! First off they are plus sizes and I do not fit in those! (thank goodness!) But do they really think I would want a strap around my neck for extend periods of time holding up what I can only guess is 5-10 lbs of breast weight? Halter tops are not for the big breasted, or at least not soaking wet!So to no avail, I have to continue to wear the suit I got 2 summers ago.

Boating anyone?

 The famliy decided that we were going to rent a boat and enjoy some summer sun and fun. I went to put on the suit and pouted. I cannot wear this in public! I am falling out of all sides and of course it is a halter top as well! I look around my room and ponder what I can use insteead. Nursing bra with a tank top? Can you say white trash? I then spot my Bravado bra nursing tank top. Hmmm. Well the bra fits and the boy will still want to nurse while we are out. It is black and my suit bottoms are hot pink so that can match. I put it on and ask Mike if it looked stupid. Smart man that he is stated, of coure not and if I was comfortable that was all that matters! Whew! It works!

So here it is, me and my little man (teenager behind us!) enjoying the sun and boat in my Bravado Nursing Tank top! (I got my on sale off another site, but I might consider getting another color just for the summer use!) I think I pulled it off pretty well. 🙂

Now to find a good nursing bra!


Don’t judge me, I just gave the baby Mac and cheese and he loved it!


It’s that time of the day again. Dinner time. What to make? What to make? I have hundreds of recipes pinned on pinterest, but tonight I wasn’t feeling any of it. And well I got home to discover Gavin didn’t take a good afternoon nap. He snuggled up on my lap, had his nummies and fell asleep. I didn’t want to move, not because I couldn’t put him down, but because I didn’t want to. He looks so angelic when he sleeps and I love holding him.

Mom, we’re hungry!

So rang my older kids. I guess we need to figure something out. The oldest had already left to be with his friends. The girl was leaving to have dinner and overnight with my “second daughter”. The hubs is at a training and won’t be home till later. Jacob suggested Mac and cheese with hot dogs. (This post is getting worse by the minute. Lol) After looking at the sleeping baby, the disappearing teens, and the hungry boys I gave in. Okay we will make that. (insert mom of the year award picture here!)

Jacob filled the pot and put it on the stove. Water started boiling. Guess now is as good as anytime for a little cooking lesson. So from my throne (rocker/recliner) I instructed him to pour in the noodles. He stirred until he said “My arm is tired!” Oops u can stop, Buddy. He tested the noodles and said they were soft. I instructed him to get a drainer in the sink and VERY carefully pour the noodles in it to drain. He turned off the stove and followed my directions well! Adding the noodles back to the pot. In the mean time Justin got out two turkey hot dogs and put them in the microwave to heat.

Jacob added the butter and sauce then we discovered we were out of milk! I thought about the baby’s milk, but went with evaporated milk instead. I didn’t go there, relax! He got the hot dogs cut up and finished our gourmet dinner! Haha!

The baby woke

Justin scooped up his dinner. Jacob dished out his and mine and we enjoyed it. 🙂 As I was eating Gavin woke up and say me eating. Opened his mouth wide like the little bird he is and demanded his bite. Now I’m not stupid, I didn’t give him the hot dogs. He only has two bottom teeth people! Gave him a few noodles and he ate it with his usual “mmmmmm” sound he makes. Using his two teeth and upper gums gobbled it up and demanded more. So, yes I just gave the baby Mac and cheese and he loved it!


“Did you do the second wash on the diapers?”


“Did you do the second wash on the diapers?”

This an every other day question in our family. Diaper wash. Never thought I would be asking my husband or kids that. I guess I should explain more.

We have five kids, ages 17 yrs to 10 months. We did not cloth diaper with our older four. I thought about it for the youngest, but I didn’t think I was cut out for it. I was a SAHM mom, but the thought of washing diapers seemed overwhelming. As it does to anyone that has never clothed.

After deciding to have another Evans baby I thought about it again. My family has become more conscious of the environment in the recent years and have started being a whole lot more “Crunchy” as I call us. I suggested it to Mike and he made the comment that he didn’t know about it and maybe we could use the diapers that biodegrade instead. I looked into them and found them to be not too much more than a package of Huggies, so I thought, Okay. I put them on my baby registry and never thought about it again.

My best friend had her baby a year before I did and this was her first and she decided to cloth. She got all the prefolds, covers and pockets that goes with it. She loves them and offered me her smaller diapers to try while I was on maternity leave. I planned to take 8 weeks off and I thought I could keep up on the laundry enough while I was on leave.

Well little man, who wasn’t so little mind you!, was born and I came home and started with the disposable diapers I had received as gifts. I had posted on Facebook about a week after he was born, that if anyone wanted my Huggies for Pampers I would be happy to swap as he had leaked through three outfits in one day!!! Lisa made a comment on my post, “Why aren’t you using the cloth??” Honestly I had sort of forgotten and was still scared. She had given me and my fellow prego friend lessons while we were both pregnant on how to do it and how to wash etc. I wasn’t sure.

Well I gave in and I FELL IN LOVE WITH THEM!!!! I mean really! How could a diaper be this cool? My friend had loaned me the newborn prefolds and infant prefolds from Green Mountain and some Thirsties covers. Gavin never fit into the newborn diapers!! I mean come on he was 9 lbs and 7 oz. By his 5 day appointment he was already 9 lbs 9 oz. So when I started a week later he had to be well over 10 lbs. Whew!

Britt, here is where you come in

Well since I decided to cloth I have found a new addiction, Baby Steals and Baby Half Off. Did you know they have deals daily and twice daily for Baby Steals? Holy crap! This was dangerous. Needless to say Mike now watches for PayPal transactions on the account like a hawk! Lol. But I got some cool diapers and then I found online. My friend down the street saw I was cloth diapering and wanted to get me a baby gift. Her sister-in-law had just opened a cloth diaper store in SW Florida and asked what I would like. I got giddy! An actual store! So Cool!

I bookmarked her web site and kept “window shopping”, this is putting things in the shopping cart and coming back later. Bippy Diapers posted on her Facebook page a WAHM was looking for testers for her pocket diapers. I was all over that! I needed pocket diapers for my baby sitter and I thought Mike would like the pocket diapers better, turns out later NOPE! He loves the prefolds. So I contacted the owner of Nelly’s Nappies and it was on! I only had to pay for the material and shipping and wait my turn. I was so excited! My very own first personal made diaper!

Well I LOVED them as well! I have many Nelly’s Nappies and even though she is no longer in business, we have developed a wonderful friendship and text each other daily! Hugs, Britt!

Back to the laundry

So back to the laundry part. I had to convince Mike this was the right thing for us. While on maternity leave I learned some facts about disposable diapers. All the crap that is in them, how long to takes for them to break down (500 years they think! This means that not a single disposable diaper has broken down since their inception!)

So I shared this with Mike. He had told me he was going to use the disposable when he was home with Gavin. (Daddy is home with him on his days off and Gavin goes to an amazing baby sitter on other days and she uses my cloth!) Well I told him about the disposable diapers never breaking down and well we didn’t have any in the house. I had sold or given away all the ones I got as gifts.

Okay then, guess we are officially cloth diapering! I showed him how to do it to make sure the breast milk poop didnt’ get out, where to put them until wash time, and how to wash them because at the time we only had 24 prefolds so we did laundry everyday.

I have to admit I had it good! My best friend loaned me all her diapers till the most recent size, and we have spent only about $100 or so on diapers so far.  Mike brags to his friends how Gavin has never had a rash and how it really isn’t so hard. Now he does admit diaper wash isn’t all that fun, but all it he has to do is dump the pail and liner into the wash and get them started. We have discovered what works best for us is once cold wash and then one hot wash with detergent, line dry the covers and sometimes sun the prefolds, otherwise rest in the dryer. I often add clothes and towels in the second wash just to keep up with the rest of the laundry.

It’s time for the poop

Now that Gavin is now eating solid foods on a regular basis, poopy diapers are a new adventure. We mainly do the dump or swish. Okay, I do the swish, but even Kylee will dump if it is solid enough. I approached Mike about a diaper sprayer thinking this was the end of the cloth and he asked how much or how to? We decided we will install our own, but still haven’t gotten the parts yet. I am thinking this will be happening very soon.

Family Support

I am so proud of Mike and the kids. We have kept the smell to a minimum and even my parents and his parents are supportive of it. My sister-in-law thought we would only do it for a little while, but now asks me about them. My niece who is pregnant with the first great grand baby on my husband’s side is asking me about them. I might have “crunched” my in-laws!

We wash our diapers every other day at home and have a small trash can in the downstairs bathroom for diapers. We use wet bags when we go out and about and even for travel we cloth. I have not convinced the family that cloth wipes are worth it, but I am okay with that. (I know Megan, I would love them!)

I am proud to say we cloth and I find myself looking at other babies to see if that mom cloths. My best friend and I are starting a cloth diaper bank in our area very soon and we hope someday to open our own cloth diaper store. There are not any locally and we know there is a need for one! More on that in another post! 🙂

Happy cloth!



Birth Stories


I have noticed a birth story is always a special topic of interest and never will a mom ever feel more important and exposed as when she gives birth. I have a friend that is planning to embark on a new journey with her third child and have a VBA2C. If you are interested in this journey of hers please feel free to follow the link to her blog. She asked for friends to share their birth stories as she has never had a natural labor. I figured this was a good as any place to share my stories.

5 kids, 5 different stories

Tanner 1994

Tanner is my oldest and I was very young when I had him. My husband and I were high school sweethearts and did the unimaginable, we got married my senior year of high school. Yes it was very irresponsible, we were stupid and young, yadda, yadda, yadda. (In case you are counting that is 18 years of marriage) We found out a couple of weeks before the wedding I was pregnant and we were in shock. Who wouldn’t be? I learned my due date was October 24, 1994. So as the pregnancy progressed I went to my appointments and did some reading. I am pretty sure I had the emergency section of What to Expect When Your Expecting memorized. (I know once again, terrible book, but that is what I had available to me at the time. And older sister in-laws who are NOT crunchy at all) I had made the decision that I would have an epidural and I was fine with that. Remember I was 18 years young! When we found out Tanner was a Tanner the doctor changed my due date up a week, making me due October 17. We went on our merry way planning to add a new Evans boy to the already expanding family. My sister in-law was due with her third in August of the same year and bonded a bit over the pregnancy. After she delivered her son, Zachary (which she stole my name, but I am glad I discovered my son’s name was to be Tanner instead), I thought about my impending birth as well. Still ever the young girl I was, I was concerned about all the aspects of delivery, but still was resounded to getting an epidural.

As October came, I was starting my weekly appointments and of course at this point the doctor was checking my progress and I was the every 1 cm for weeks. My appointment on my due date came and the doctor discussed the next path which would be induction. (Even though my original due date was the 24th) So an induction date was set and I went home to try all the natural ways to induce my labor. 😉 My younger sister-in-law went for a walk with me at the local outlet mall and I did enjoy the window shopping. I went home to rest and started having a few regular contractions. I then walked around the neighborhood to my in-laws house (they lived around the block at the time). I was instructed by my doctor that if I had more than 5 contractions in an hour I should head into the hospital. I called my husband and we set out to head to the hospital.

I was admitted right away as I was considered “overdue”. My labor progressed slowly and we were instructed to walk the halls. So being good new parents we did as we were told. As the evening and night progressed the doctor came in and at 2 am he told me I was still at a 2 and he was going to break my water. I guess I had a strong enough bag of waters Tanner might have been born in the sack! (well so they said!) After that point my labor moved right along. By early morning I was asking for the epidural. They gave it to me and at the time I was pretty sure the anesthesiologist was the cutest doctor every!  After the meds took effect, I was able to take a 3 hour nap, as I had been up all night long. Whew! I guess that as a blessing in disguise for me. After waking I told the nurse I was feeling pressure on my left side. It was the epidural wearing off. Lucky for me I was now at a 10 and ready to deliver. I kindly asked the nurse “How much longer was this going to take?” it had been all night and I was ready to be over. The nurse reassured me it would be probably a few more hours. This is where I discovered the inner strength I didn’t know I had at my young age. I thought to myself “HELL NO!” I was ready for him to be out. I was tired and ready to meet my baby boy! The nurse had me do a few practice pushes with the contractions and I was feeling them well at this point. The nurse was surprised by my pushes and told me to hold back on pushing  and she called the doctor in. (like any woman can stop pushing!!!) The doctor walks in carrying a cup of coffee and I remember the nurse grabbing it and pitching it and threw on his scrub jacket telling him he had “A dimes worth of time” He laughed at her, I mean come on I was an 18-year-old mom and was young he knew how we little girls were. Well I proved him wrong!! As soon as I started pushing the look on his face changed and he got to business. Tanner was born in 15 mins! I was so happy it was over and holding my sweet HUGE, to  me, baby boy!! Tanner was 8 lbs 3 oz and 21″ long and born on October 22, 1994, 2 days before his original due date. So right on time!

Kylee 1997

Kylee was my baby girl I thought would never happen. We had been trying to get pregnant for 5 months before giving up and Surprise! I was due with Kylee on October 16. Another October baby. I went to the same doctor as last time because there were only 2 in the Lake area and I didn’t like the other guy.  Once again I progressed just fine through the whole pregnancy. As with the last one I had decided to have an epidural. I mean how can blame me, I had a 3 hour nap before pushing with Tanner. How cool was that? Little did I know this little girl wasn’t having any of that! I went to my doctor appointment on that October 16th, which was a Thursday and I was of course only a 1-2 (you will notice a theme with that 1-2 cm!) I told the doctor I wasn’t having this baby on my son’s birthday! I needed to be home to have his 3rd birthday party! We scheduled an induction in a week if I didn’t go on my own. I went to work for the rest of the day and made that next day a Friday my last day of work. I went home feeling pretty well and then started having contractions, but nothing too bad. My husband had to go into work and I told me to page (yes as had pagers at this time, it was for his work) him if things got closer together. They were coming about every 10 minutes so I sent him on his was and was fine with it. By late evening I called my mom to come over, as I was needing her to be there to watch my son in case things progressed. I was watching a movie “Fools Rush in” and was timing it the whole time, to this day I can’t watch this movie without timing it, lol! By 10pm they were coming faster and harder. I remember laying on the couch and as a contraction was ending I had this overwhelming feeling my water was about to break! As soon as the contraction was down enough I could tolerate it, I ran into the bathroom and sat on the toilet. Well my water sure enough did break, but it wasn’t too bad. As soon as that happened the contractions went from 10 minutes apart to 2-3! We paged my husband and told  him it was time to come home, my water had broken and my contractions were 2-3 minutes apart and coming on harder! He asked me why didn’t I call him when they were 10 minutes apart, I “kindly” told him he left when they were that far apart. And then they told me he thought she might have fallen out and I should not have sat on the toilet! YEA, right! Gotta love men!

So we had to the hospital, it is midnight at this point. I told my mom to call them and tell them I was on my way and wanted my epidural!!! We got checked in and I was lucky to have a nurse that was also a family friend! I asked for a pain meds and was told that the anesthesiologist was only on call and we would have to wait and call him in if needed. 😦 I settled for a shot of Stadal and felt a little better. I was fully checked in at 1 am and I have no idea what I was at. By this point to went by in a blur. I remember feeling like if I opened my eyes I might throw up (pretty sure that was from the Stadal). The nurse offered me a barf bowl, but I told her I was going to puke on him (my poor sleep deprived husband) if he didn’t wake up! He woke up after hearing that! By 3am I was ready to push. The doctor was called in and he walked in telling me, he did not expect to see me this weekend. I then proceeded to tell him, “I told you I didn’t want to have this baby on my son’s birthday!” By this point he at least recognized I meant business and had no hesitation when I was ready to push. I gave 3 good pushes and my daughter joined us at 3:15 am and tore me a good one!!! She had her foot wedged up by her face and nose. She proceeded to pull her foot down just as she was coming out. She had a poor messed up nose and leg, but that was easily corrected. (All Barbara Streisand needed was a little medical tape across her nose for 24 hours to correct her deviated septum at birth and the world would have had a different singer all together!)But Mommy was another story. I had tears on the inside and out and needed a great deal of stitches. UGH! Also when they were done sewing me up, the housekeeping staff proceeded to put my bed back together (this was a labor, deliver and recover room all in one) and had me stand up by the sink. No one bothered to help me sit back down and because of blood lose I remember reaching back to grab the sink and then it all went black!! I had fainted and fell to the ground. The next thing I remember was someone waving smelling salts in front of my nose and saying my name. Boy did those smelling salts STINK!! After all that I was put in the chair until my bed was ready and then I got to hold my sweet baby girl!! Kylee was my smallest baby at 7 lbs and 3 oz, 20″ long, she was born 27 hours “over due” at 3 am on October 18 four days before her brother’s birthday! Once again really right on time!

Jacob 2003

After all those years, I had thought we were done with having kids and I was fine with that. My husband and I moved to Springfield for his job and everything was moving along as we had planned. After 2 years of working at his new police department and seeing his new friends having babies, he asked me “when do you think the Evans will have another baby?” I was shocked, but I told him I thought we were done, but I was willing to have more. I always knew I didn’t want to just have one and two was nice as well. They were getting older and I was up for it! So we embarked on our new adventure of having another baby. It took us less time than with Kylee, but longer than I expected. Four months into our “trying” we went on a planned cruise and I was coincidentally ovulating during that time. So when the time came to take another pg test, I was very upset when once again the line wasn’t there. I mean come on! A full week of trying and nothing? Ugh! Well my husband asked if I was sure and dug the test out of the trash can. He brought it into me and showed me the test “Don’t count your eggs before they hatched!” What a quirky husband I have. Sure enough I was too quick to read the results. I took a second one in the morning and it was blatantly positive at that time!

I was excited to have this baby as we were in an area with more doctor options and I could find a female OBGYN this time. I felt a woman would relate to me more and be more compassionate. I found a wonderful female doctor that was willing to spend the time I wanted and needed at each appointment. I never minded waiting for her at my appointments, because if she was spending that much time with her other patients, I knew my time was just as important and she would do the same for me! I loved her!

I was due June 24 with my souvenir baby. I mean he was a gift from the cruise right? I also worked the whole time I was pregnant with this baby. We had decided that after he was born I would get to be a stay at home mom. So needless to say I was more than ready to have this baby. I doctor informed me at my last appointment I was 1-2 cm, do you see the pattern? and she had scheduled a vacation as of June 26th. If I wanted to have my baby I could be induced on the 21st of June. Well daddy’s birthday is June 22 so we were pretty excited at the idea of them sharing a birthday or being close. So once again Friday would be my last day of work. I went home and got things packed and ready to go. My parents came down to take care of my older kiddos. I went to bed feeling ready to go. If I only knew how ready to go!! I woke in the middle of the night I told my husband I had been having contractions all night and they were getting worse. This was about midnight again. (He never gets to sleep before the kids are born! Another big pattern!) We decided that since I was being induced at 7 am that morning we might as well go in. They were pretty strong and I was very uncomfortable.

We got checked in and the nurses once again informed me I was 1-2 cm. I guess I like to hang out in this position for sometime!! (But watch out 4 and here I come!!!!!!!!) They told me I wasn’t progressing enough and were going to send me home. I had already called my best friend from the lake and she was on her way in to be there for the delivery. They asked my husband how far away we lived and he said “Too Far!” It was technically over 30 minutes, but not the way he drove! So at 2 am I was admitted as I had walked myself into enough labor to admit me. Good grief!! I mean this was my third kid! You would think they would believe me! I mean I know I’m not the Duggar mom, but come on!

My doctor wasn’t on duty yet and I was progressing along just fine. At 6:30 am my water broke and the contractions were defiantly getting harder and stronger. I asked for some pain meds and they offered me the Stadal again. I took it thinking all I needed was to “take the edge off” as they had said. At this time I was instructed that if I wanted an epidural I had to watch a certain video that I guess I had not seen in the office. Good grief again! I mean really not my first rodeo!!!! Okay  will watch the video. I told them I wasn’t paying attention to it. When my doctor came on duty, they checked me and I was at a moment of stall. She felt my labor wasn’t progressing fast enough. This was when I lost faith in my doctor. She told me she was going to administer Pitocin to speed things along. So they started giving me the Pitocin and my labor took off! I mean TOOK OFF!!!! I was having contractions that I could basically handle and breath through to contractions that would spike 3 in row before giving me only a 30 second break. By this point of course I was begging for an epidural! The doctor came in and placed her hand on my belly asking how I was doing. Of course I was in the middle of a contraction and my husband told her that he was pretty sure I wanted the epidural. She looked at me and asked and I nodded YES!

It took forever for the anesthesiologist to get in the room. He was working on a C-section and I would have to wait. He finally came in to administer the meds. He had me lay on my side to give it and I guess in all the commotion no one bothered to check my progression. A nurse aide came in to ask how I was doing. I guess I was pushing and I didn’t know it because my husband looked down and told her I didn’t look well. The nurse looked under the cover and sprang into action! Jacob was crowing and ready to go!  She told the anesthesiologist to press some button by my headboard, but he had no idea what she was talking about. She flew around and the room came to life! I had only been given the test shot to see if the line was ready and I was being turned onto my back and the bed was being prepped. The doctor came in and had only gotten the coat scrub on (like the first doctor did) and gloves. She had me pushing and once again 3 pushes and Jacob was born! He dropped and came out so fast he had bruising on his face and blood shoot eyes. Poor baby! I guess if they had checked me before the epidural I would not have even gotten it. He was ready to go! The anesthesiologist was up by my head the whole time. I barely remember him finally leaving. Jacob was born on June 21st at 11:04 am. He weighed 8 lbs 6 oz and was 22″ long. BIG KID! Well for me so far he was. You will soon learn not even close to my biggest kid! He was pretty bruised up and I didn’t get to have any of the epidural work. So once again it failed on me. 😦 What happened to that nice 3 hour nap I took with Tanner?

Justin 2005

Justin was my truly surprise baby. Tanner was unplanned, but we were not being very careful! Jacob was only a year old when I got pregnant with Justin. I had been on the Nouva ring  and well it didn’t work very well with him. We knew we wanted to have another baby, but figured it would be another year before we tried. I am not the first person I know that have gotten pregnant on the Nouva ring. 😦 I had actually taken a pregnancy test the month before and it was negative. I guess I didn’t get all the stuff in the trash because while on a hair appointment my husband called asking if I had something to tell him. I said no, then he asked why there was a pregnancy test wrapper in the trash can. I reassured him I was not pregnant and I had just taken the test to be sure.

Well I guess God had other plans for use, because the next month we stood looking at a very positive pregnancy test. Yikes! I had a one year old, I wasn’t ready for this! Justin was due March 11, 2005. I had to find another doctor as we had changed insurance plans after I stayed home with Jacob. I called my doctor and asked her who she could recommend at the other hospital. She referred me to my current doctor. I called her and the office had to call me back because the doctor was also pregnant herself and they wanted to make sure my due date was far enough away from hers. She was due in early Jan and I was due in March so she would be back from maternity leave to deliver my baby. I was relieved as I didn’t know who else to see.

Once again, nothing surprising about my pregnancies. We both did well. By my weekly appointments I did have to see the NP in the office as my doctor had delivered and was on leave. I really liked the NP and I often now see her for my annual visits (easier to get into an NP then the doctor). By February my blood pressure was creeping up and up. I wasn’t terribly high, but when you are pregnant it is a dangerous thing. After my doctor returned from maternity leave she was concerned enough to order a 24 hour urine collection. If you have never done this, UGH! It was pretty gross. I had to pee in a collection container and take it to the lab the next morning. I dutifully gave my sample and went to see my doctor on my scheduled appointment. I am pretty sure it was a Thursday too. She decided that my pressure was up enough that we needed to schedule an induction 2 weeks early. This was February 24 and the induction would be the following Wednesday. I was to come in that Monday for one  last ultrasound to determine that all was going okay get an idea of his size.

My parents came down that Friday night to be with my older kiddos again. My dad was taking Tanner to a special Boy Scout event to “Sleep with the sharks” at the Wonders of Wildlife museum. He then would take him to his basketball game in the morning and the Blue and Gold dinner the next night for Tanner. He was a busy little boy! My mom was to stay with the other two. February 26th was our 11 year anniversary so Mike and I went out for dinner that Friday to celebrate and have a nice dinner. I had been having contractions all day and evening long, but really just ignored them. Every now and then when I would walk up to the buffet and get my plate refilled I had to stop for a minute, but I just played it off to being Braxton Hicks. I mean I wasn’t due for 2 more weeks! I came home still having these BH and just waved everyone off. We once again went to bed and I had the best night sleep. I don’t even remember getting up to pee, but I know I did.

After getting up in the morning I was still having the contractions and Mike insisted that we go to the hospital. I gave in, but kept telling him they were going to send me home. It was too early. He said just in case. He stopped at a McDonald’s drive thru and asked if I wanted any breakfast. I told him I wasn’t hungry and to just get me an orange juice. I guess that made him think twice and got his food and headed to the hospital. I guess I had almost had him convinced I wasn’t in labor. But I guess me refusing food was a big sign! lol

We got to the hospital and they took me into Labor & Delivery. They checked me and told me I was at a 4 almost 5! Wow! It was time to go. I thought I could walk over to my room, but they said I could be wheeled over. Whew! I gave in. They took my over and it got harder faster. I had promised my mom she could be at this delivery as we had decided it was our last baby. My dad had left in the  morning before we did so he didn’t know we had gone into the hospital. I guess he had his phone on silent and didn’t see the missed calls from my mom. She was itching to get up there to see me. Finally my dad came home and brought my mom and the kids up to see me. Tanner and Kylee each came in to visit, but I felt Jacob was too young to see me. I got the Stadal again to take the edge off and it seemed to help some. The doctor came in and checked me and made the comment that I guess he didn’t want to be induced anyway. I joked that each of my kids had been scheduled for an induction and decide to come on their own and they were all born on a Saturday. I guess Justin was following suit. It was February 26 and he was coming! I was trying to go without the epidural but I just couldn’t take it anymore and gave in. The anesthesiologist came in and he had to do a C-section  first (sound familiar?) and would be back soon or I could have a resident do it. I wasn’t too thrilled by that, but at that point I was ready for it!

Well I should have just waited for the anesthesiologist, the resident put in the line and it only worked on my right side. I could feel all the pain down my left leg. I tried laying on that side, they gave me a push of the epidural but it still didn’t work. Well it was too late to try anything else. He was ready to be born! Justin was born in 5 pushes and my mom was sitting so quietly in the back of the room to watch. Justin was born at a few minutes before 1pm on Saturday February 26th. On our 11 year anniversary. He was 2 weeks early and weighed 8 lbs 2 oz and 21″ long. He was COVERED in vernex! Just covered in it! The doctor joked we should bottle it and sell it! He was truly my only early kiddo.

Gavin the baby 2011

Oh my baby! My baby boy! The last of the Evans clan. He will finish off the Evans Seven! We talked about adding to our family the summer of 2009 after Mike had his surgery. We did everything we needed to do. I had my annual visit and didn’t start back on my birth control shot. Well for 5 months it was a constant battle of non-stop periods or no periods for 88 days! In December of 2009 I had to have a polyp removed from my uterus and that really scared me. It was a minor procedure, but it was scary enough. For the next 12 months we tried to no avail to get pregnant. My doctor did some tests on me and concluded that I was having unexplained infertility. Huh?! Really?! We had four kids and there is no reason why we couldn’t get pregnant this time. I was older, but only 34! Finally by November of 2010 I had given up that it would happen. I marked on my calendar my first day of my period and that was it. No testing. No mapping. Nothing. Just November 15th and that was it!

In December I took a test on the Saturday before my period was due (Monday was the day I was supposed to start) and it was negative. I felt pregnant, but if a 5 day early test said No, then it was a No. I went about my life. My friend at work came up to me and told me she was pregnant on that Monday and I thought I had started that morning. You know mild stuff. I told her I was happy for her, but inside I was screaming, “You guys weren’t even trying!!!!!!” Ugh, that hurt. I went to work on Wednesday and still really not a true period. Just mild spotting. I had to work at one of our satellite locations and decided I was going to take one more test. I mean it was now going on 3 days and really nothing to show for it. I went to Wal-Mart on lunch and there was only one other person at the office with me. I took the test and tossed it in my desk drawer. I had no desire to see another negative pregnancy test. After eating I decided to go ahead and see the bad news and get on with my day. But there was a little + sign. It was faint, but it was there! I texted the picture to Mike and he was just as surprised as I was. I showed my co-worker and she tried to get me to go buy another test, but I refused! I couldn’t handle it if my first one was wrong and I really wasn’t pregnant. So I called my doctor’s office and made my appointment. I wasn’t going to waste anytime making sure.

I was due August 22 this time. Ugh Summer pregnancy! This was the hardest pregnancy I have had! Sickness for 14 weeks, and I only gained 1 lb the first 3 months. I had only planned on gaining 20 total so I was okay with that, but it was much harder this time!! My doctor was great and happy for me!

The pregnancy was going well and then in July I was told that my doctor was going on a vacation for 2 weeks in the middle of August!! I was set to not be induced, not receive meds and do it all natural this time! I mean come on, my last deliveries I didn’t get the meds at the right time and I could do it! I let the doctor strip my membranes the first week of August, 37 weeks. Well all that did was irritate my uterus and put me in L& D for false labor and sent home! Good grief! Then a week later, 38 weeks, I was having contractions again and went into false labor again. I didn’t want to go into L&D, but Mike insisted and of course we were sent home again! I asked the nurse what was wrong with me? This wasn’t my first baby, why was I having so much false labor. She reassured me that all was normal and sometimes babies like to play tricks on us.

I went all my doctor appointments and each time I was still a 1-2! Sound familiar? Of course it does! Well my doctor had told me she would be out-of-town, ALASKA!, for those 2 weeks in August. Right before my due date. She had told me that she would be back on call that Friday night August the 19th. I went to work as normal and had made that my last day of work. I had an appointment with my doctor on Monday and I had full intentions of finding a non medical way to get him out!!! I was the least productive that Friday as I have ever been! You can ask my co-workers, bless their hearts, one was even pregnant herself and due 3 weeks later than me. I was having so much pressure all day and I sat most of the day on an exercise ball or laying on my back with my feet in the chair. Nice, right? Got that image in your mind now? Ha Ha! I went  home and my parents had offered to take the kids to their house that weekend. It was the weekend before school started and my parents have a boat and live by the lake, so of course they jumped at the chance!!!

I spent most of the day Saturday with Mike doing our usual weekend stuff, groceries, recycling, and heck we even looked at a mini van for fun. I went home and prepared for Mike to go into work. I begged him to stay home and he asked if I was feeling contractions and of course I wasn’t. I just didn’t feel anything worth keeping him home. But I was hoping I would call him back right after he left. Well no luck there! I was so emotional that night. I mean I was VERY emotional!!! I sat on the couch watching something on TV, no clue what it was, and just bawling!!! I mean sobbing, shaking and everything! (sign I missed of a woman who could be going into labor) I just couldn’t be pregnant anymore. I loved this baby, but I was physically fully drained! My poor wiener dogs must have sensed I was not feeling well, or better yet CRAZY!, jumped up in my lap and just laid their little heads on my lap. I finally willed myself to go to bed around 11 or so at night. Still hoping for some type of contractions. Nada! Ugh!

I went to bed and woke a few times to pee as usual. By around 5 am on Sunday I was starting to have some contractions and they were coming pretty regular. I timed them, but got annoyed. Mike texted me that he was heading home and did I want any breakfast? I wasn’t really hungry (another sign I missed!) but I asked him to get me a pineapple smoothie and a breakfast burrito and a Large water! I was going to drown myself to make sure I didn’t make these go away! No dehydration for me. But that didn’t work. Mike came home and we ate. Well he ate and I drank my smoothie and had a few bites of my burrito. I couldn’t even drink the water. I tried it made me sick to my stomach. Mike went to sleep and I tried to go back to sleep as well. That didn’t work either. I went downstairs and started timing those contractions again. They were coming every 2-3 mins and lasting 2 minute. I got some shorts on (August people, I was barely in a bra and underwear!) and attempted to walk back up to our room. Made it up there and woke Mike up. Poor guy, I thought he had at least an hour or two of sleep, I guess not. He said he only got like 20 minutes of sleep. I told him to stay home last night!!

Well we headed up to the hospital. I was 39 weeks and 6 days, I was NOT going home without my baby this time! They checked me in for the third time this month and I was having nice regular contractions I was having a hard time talking through. Well they checked me and guess what??? 1-2 cm still!! I mean come on! Can’t a girl catch a break? Mike and I had already talked we were not going home this time! My doctor was called in (she makes a point to be at as many births as she can! Minus the vacation!)  and she told me I was still in early labor and but I was miserable enough to go ahead and admit me. Hello! Yea! Duh! I could have told you that!

They took me to the Labor and Delivery room and I was told I was needing to walk some. I had hurt my groin muscle again this pregnancy on Friday and told them I physically could not walk. It hurt! At this point they asked if I would let them break my water and see if that would move things along. Since they had already talked about induction and I was not leaving without my baby I agreed. They broke my water and I was at 3 and almost 100% effaced. Mike and I told the nurse, who was awesome by the way!!, that once I got to a 4 they better get ready! Heck I have delivered 4 other kids and I knew I was in full on labor this time! No false labor now. I tried really hard to breath through my contractions and work through the pain. I was trying to not get an epidural this time. I mean I only had one work. My daughter and my mom were on their way back to Springfield. My daughter wanted desperately to be at this delivery! I had promised her she could be there. I was so proud she wanted to be in the room. I had been using the oxygen mask to help control my breathing and make sure Gavin had enough oxygen. I guess his heart rate was varying enough that they decided I couldn’t walk anyway. I finally got to the point I couldn’t handle the pain anymore. I gave in, Please get me the drugs! No Stadal this time! Just get me the epidural.

The anesthesiologist came in and administered the epidural. My wonderful nurse loaned me her hair tie as my hair was all over and I couldn’t find mine. As soon as the meds took effect my mom and daughter arrived. Mike let my mom come in first as she knew Kylee was wanting to stay. This was around 2 in the afternoon and I had told myself earlier I wanted to have this baby by 1, then I thought, No probably more like 3. The nurses and doctors had been checking me since the epidural, which was a God send! I was able to relax and I dilated quickly. We had warned them that once I got to the 4-5 mark to start getting ready. It was time to call the doctor back in. The nurse really listened to me. She said that I had moved from a 4-5 to a 6-7 to an 8-9 really fast and was happy that I knew my body and was happy to do as I asked. The I got to a 10 and the nurse asked if I would do a test push, but if she told me to stop I had to try not to push. I agreed, I was feeling a ton of pressure and knew he was ready. She had me push and only got to 7 and told me to please stop! I told her I wanted him to be born by 3 o’clock. She smiled and looked at the clock and said well maybe. The doctor walked into the room and it was 2:50 and the nurse told her I was ready to have the baby by 3. They looked up and said ok give it a try. Well that was all I needed. Gavin was born in 9 minutes and 2 contractions later! 2:59pm! He was HUGE!!! Kylee got to stand by my leg and Mike stood behind her. She saw him coming out and even got to cut the cord! She was so proud. What a story she had for the first day of school ( 4 days later) that she saw her brother being born and cut his cord!  Gavin was 9 lbs and 7 oz!!!!, 21″ long. He was HUGE! I told you guys he was huge!

That being said

Wow when I started this post I figured I would tell about my kids births and share a little. Wow! 6600 words later I think I just wrote a small story! I looked it back over and you can see each birth story got longer and longer. That goes to my memory. It has been almost 18 years so I can only go with what was still in my forethought of mind.

I guess after writing all of these I feel a bit exposed. I know the few of you that are following me won’t judge me, Hugs Britt! But I still feel very out there with these. I love my kids and cherish each of their births. Would I change anything? Well heck yes! I would start out with a woman doctor and possibly a midwife. But I guess hind site is 20/20.

My best recommendation to anyone pregnant is get all the information, not just what  your doctor provides and write your birth story down as soon as you can after doing it. Not 17+ years later!

~ Kelly